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Please type your day report here in English



Dayreport, Thursday, April 24.



Made by Danique & Tijmen.



We woke up early in the morning. Everyone ate a nice breakfast.  Than we went to school, everybody was working for 2 hours on the project. We rehearsed our presentation.


 Then we have a little break. We ate muffins and cookies.



After that we started with the first 2 presentations. We started with the presentation from the video games and the second was the advertisement. The presentations were very good!



We had a big break and ate at the cafeteria. The food was really good!! J After that the other presentations started, like the magazine and the newspaper, the Video, and the Wiki, etc.  Everybody was enjoying it. Some parents are looking, and there looking 2 classes. There where 120 people looking at us.  At 3 o’ clock the school was finished. Everybody went to home.


Some people went shopping in the mall etc.



At 6 o’ clock there was a dance at school. The dance was very, very nice! At 8 o’ clock the dance was finished. The teachers from the HMMS thanked the teachers from Holland.  And the students gave the students from Holland a present. It was very nice!



After that some guys where going to another party. And everybody was crying. We don’t want to go, because everybody are friends right now. L Everybody find it a really nice week! Everyone was enjoyed.


We were very sad, because we don’ t like to go back.



At the dance every teacher was looking at the group with the Dutch people. We danced but it wasn’ t good, in Holland we are much more free. In Holland even the teachers dance with us.


Here we weren’t aloud to touch any boy ore any girl. Everybody did, but all teachers just kept everyone apart. It was really fun today!



Gr. From Canada (Danique & Tijmen)! J
























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