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Thx Joris and Saskia, well done..

Where do I find the three pcitures??

Greetz, Bob



Day Report 20-04-08


Joris and Saskia




After a long trip we all went to the homes of our twins. When we woke up it was like 15 degrees and the sun was shining. For breakfast we had waffles. On the weekend we have waffles for breakfast and on schooldays we have cereal or toast. They showed us the river and we went over the river by ferry. There are many high mountains and many trees. The landscape is beautiful. On the way they asked us things like: do you have rivers like this in Holland, would you want to live here and what do you think of Canada so far. They also showed us some houses. The most expensive house that we saw was 2-2.5 million dollars. Next we went to the mall. The mall is like a passage as we have in Holland. Here they have stores for shoes, clothes ect. But here they have to pay 13% BTW in stet of 19%. After that we went to the Superstore. This is an electro shop, shoe store, supermarket and a clothes store in one big store. And everything is super sized. A bottle of coke, a bag of chips or even a Twix. Its all super sized.   








You need money right













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