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Hello I’m Saskia and I’m 14 years old.
First I want to say that I’m very nervous to come to Canada.
I don’t know what to expect of your country. And for you ofcourse it is exiting too, to get someone from Holland over in your home.                     
That’s why I shall tell you something about myself.
I always have a very busy scedule during the week.
I have swimmingpractice two times a week, I’m training for competitions. Next year I will be ready to compete.                                               
I’m also very busy in a band, I’m the singer. For that I have also singinglessons.
Music plays an important role in my life. I couldn’t live whitout it for a day
I can always put my emotions into music.
Same goes for my other hobby; acting. Acting is for me a way to be someone else for a change.
I’m glad that my parents support my singing and acting because it costs a lot of money and time. It’s just that my brother almost gets crazy because everywhere I go I’m singing. And sometimes he finds it very anoying.
So you’ve read that I have a brother. His name is Paul and he is my only brother. I have no sisters. Paul is 16 years old.
My mother’s name is Gea en my father’s name is Thom.
They are both 48 years old.
Al my friends are also very important in my life.
I have a lot of friends because I changed school last year. This year I had to do this class for the second time.
So you understand that I had to make new friends everytime.
If I’m with a group of friends we’ve always have lots of fun, talking and laughter.
My friends describe me as a spontaniuos, active person with a lot of humor and who is always wanting to help other people with there problems.
This year they found out that I have ADHD.
Sometimes I can be hyperactive, but the biggest problem for me is to concentrate.
I take medicins now and my concentration is much better than before.
So you don’t have to worry about me being hyperactive.

 Thats me, The crazy girl on the right


 This is me²



You could add me on MSN - sassiej_honeybee@hotmail.com






What we did for the PR is all in Dutch except the presentation:

Presentatie 11 maart en Canada.ppt

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