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Hello i am Rick,

I am 14 years old and i live in a village close to the Corlaer College. 

I live there whit my mom: Francis, my dad: Chris, and my sister Iris. I also have a pet called Bert its a rabbit, we also get a dog but he is still a puppy. I also have some hobby's that i like to do, such as: playing computer games (especially Maple Story), Lego and Star Wars. And sometimes i go squashing or running whit my dad, i just started so i isn't easy. We also need to tell something about your country, something we want to do and or diet or something. Let me start whit your country: i have heard some nice things such as a beautiful nature. In Holland we also have nature but not very much. I also want to play some icehockey because we dont do it here in Holland. I already can iceskating so it couldn't be very hard. (i think). I have no diet and i am not allergic or something so thats pretty easy. The only thing what looks me scary is flying, because i didn't do i before.

Thats al about me,


greets: rick



This me XD






This is the link powerpoint of the olympic summer games 2008

and this is the link to our The newspaper








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