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Hello every body !



Let me introduce myself!



I’m Nevill van de Veen, I’m 14 years old. I have blond hair and blue eyes as you can see.



I have one brother and he is 17 years old.



My hobby’s are playing guitar, listening to music and hang out with friends.


I have 1 sport and that’s badminton.



My school is the Corlaer College in Nijkerk. It is in middle of Holland, in Gelderland. I’m a pupil of the second class.



I have none details in my live. I eat almost everything. I have no diseases. 



What I like of the trip to Canada is: The Nature is very nice in Canada (I think).


The school in New Brunswick, in the class where we are going to. The family where I live for two weeks. To see people who can only talk English.



What I don’t like/ (difficult) of the trip to Canada is: That I can’t talk Dutch. The hard work we must have done before we go. To communicate with the family where I come in. The trip to Canada. To go back to Holland.   



What I want to witness is: How the people live in Canada. What them  traditions are. What they do in the free time. What they do at school. Who the famous people in Canada are.




I hope that we make lots of fun in Canada and thank you for this opportunity.
































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