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This day was our first day of school, and it was fun. When we came to school we seperated into the groups and we talked. We talked about how it’s going in our houses where we are staying, and some more. Than we started to working on our project. I am working on the newspaper right now, and the canadian people have made a beautiful newspaper in publisher. I have made it in powerpoint. When we looked at each others newspapers we made an article about our trip in the airplane, and our trip in the van. I did this together with Joris. After that we had pizza as lunch, and something to drink. After that we made a picture of our entire group for Mr. Ykema, and Arianne. After the picture we designed a logo for our newspaper team. First we had to draw one, and we scanned it in on the mac computer and we photoshopped it.

Tomorrow we will finish our logo.


In this afternoon we are going to the movie. I don't know which movie we are going to watch, maybe they will put in in the day report of tommorow.





Gr Rick




Sanne: Monday April 21


presentations together. Then on thursday we have to present them in front of the class, some parents, and other classes around the school.

    I met many different people around harry miller middle school. We took alot of pictures of the people in the class.

     The first thing we did today, was we had to interview a student from the other class, what we had to do was we had to interview them and find out some things about them, Such as, what they enjoy doing on their free time, their age, and somthing interesting about them or their family. Then we had to get up in front of that class and tell everyone what we had learned about our partner. My partner was Sloan Gillis, she told me she like horse back riding, that her favorite colour is green, and that she has a brother.

    Tonight we're going to the movie with a whole group of people. I'm very excited. I have also become very close with some of the people in Mr. Melanson's class. It's a lot of fun to meet people in Canada and we become very close easily.

    The Canadians do alot different than we're doing. They get their coffee at a Tim Hortons drive thru and we just drink coffee at home. They are going at school in a schoolbus and we're going to school on bike or car.

    We got for lunch pizza: hawian, pepperoni and vegetarian. There were also muffins, a lot of vegetables, a lot of fruit and chocolate chip cookies. Today we had lots of fun and I am looking forward to tomorrow.



Today we worked on our projects. We maked plans for the presentations that we have to get together in groups with the people from Canada and put our



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