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Introducing myself:
Hi, I’m Mike Brandsen and I’m thirteen years old. I live in Holland, in a small town in the province Utrecht. The name of the town is Hooglanderveen. I’ve got one brother called Dave, and my parents are Jeroen and Henriëtte. At home I got two rabbits and they are very cute. My brother has some walking branches. My hobby’s are playing soccer, skating and on school I’m playing table tennis a lot with my friends. I play by Football Club Hooglanderveen in the c1, and I’m the goalkeeper. In our town we have a brand new skating course especially for some stunts. And I go almost every day to skate there with my friends. I got no special things like sicknesses or allergies. And I’m go to school in Nijkerk, the name of the school is the Corlaer College. It’s a brand new school, and I’m very happy to go to my school. And this year I’m going to Canada with some other students from my school, to work with Canadian people on a special project. What I want to do in Canada? I want to see as much as I can. The landscape, the school, the sports clubs and that’s what is want to see especially. I hope that we can play soccer to with the Canadians if the like that. Ore a other sport that the like. The thing what I don’t like is the trip to Canada, I didn’t fly in my life. But it’s going to be a special trip.
The subject  work with is solution d. the PowerPoint of the Olympic Summer Games.



this is the link to powerpoint of the olympic summer games 2008

and this is the link The newspaper

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