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Dear Canadian Friends!!



Ahhh..!! I Can't wait to meet you! I shall yet introduce myself..


I am Laura and I am 13 years old. I live in a small village 10 kilometres away from the Corlaer College. I'm cycling every day to school.

I live together with my mum, brother and dog. My mum's name is Nivia ( She's Italian ) , the name of my brother is Luca and my dog calls Diesel!


My hobbies are playing tennis, (street)dancing ,playing the nintendo Wii (and DS) and I like to listen to music.. . I also love to shop with my friends. My favorite color is pink ,favorite lesson at school is gymnastics, food is pasta/pizza, my favorite shoes are high heel shoes cause I look taller. I'm just 154cms! :O


I don't  have a allergie, so I can live in any home.


When I go to Canada I will know how it feels to live in Canada . I love to see how they celebrate a school party because I like schoolparties. But I think when I am in Canada I will miss my family (and my sweet dog). It takes 8 flying hours and that is many many kilometres away from home but I am so happy that I've got the chance to come to Canada!



I'm sooo exited and I say it again... I can't wait to meet you and your family where I stay!!!!!


Hope to see you soon!!



Bye Bye .. xxLaura                  

 <-  That's me :P







 This is our powerpoint for Canada.. made by Laura,  Valerie and Arianne








Dit is de goede.ppt 

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