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 Hi, I'm Joris


I'm 13 years old and living in a town named Bunschoten-Spakenburg. My hobby's are drumming drumming and drumming. I also like football, computergames and listening to music. I have a little brother. his Name is Jelle. He plays the guitar and sometimes we play together. My mom and dad are divoreced so I live in two houses. I see my dad once in two weeks. He lives in Zeewolde. My dad also has a girlfriend. Her name is Esther. She is really nice. I also have a cat and a dog. The cats name is Chester and the dog's name is Des. I ain't allergic to any animals. So that's a problem less :p. I don't have a special diet so Í'll eat everything. I also use medicine. I cant really explain what kind of illness I have but it's very very rare.  Well thats about the basic info. Hope to cya all soon :)



What I like about Canada 


I think Canada is a great country. The people are very kind and friendly (well that's what I've heared :p). The country itself is amazing. There are some nice mountains and the landscape is very beautiful. Well the assingment was to write 5 lines about what you like about Canada but I've never bin in Canada so I don't know what there is to like. I want to discover it and after that I could write about what I like from Canada.



What scares me



I'm a bit scared about the flight. It's not that I've never flied. I went to Crete once. But you'll never know what will happen. You could crash or worst the plain gets hijacked. A nevermind I watch to much movies :p. Further Im a bit scared i'll take a wrong bus in Canada. Next thing I know I'm in Montreal. And the Tiniest bit of fear is that you won't like me. And the last one is that you won't have a drumkit. If so mail me so I can bring my own :p  



What I would like to do


I would really like to stand on the top of a mountain. From there you will have a beautiful spot where I could look over the landscape of Canada (and New Brunswick:p). And I also want to go fishing on a nice river or a lake. Seeing a big city would be nice to. How you're shops are like. I'm not a big shopper. Really hate it when I have to buy new clothes. But I just want to see how its done over there. And I want to become good friends with all of you :).



 (I am really adicted :p:p:p)



here's a link to the movie about our community: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b8PIwcUYiU


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