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Hi Canadian Friends,
I was chosen to go to Canada! I like to come to your country!
Now I will introduce myself,
My name is Iris van Haren. I am fourteen years old. I was born on the first of January in 1994, on New years day! I live in Nijkerk. Nijkerk is a little town in the middle of the Netherlands. I lived there all my life.
I have brown eyes and blond hair.
I live together with my mother, my father and my little sister of 8 years old. When I will be in your town, she’s having her birthday! The name of my mother is Marian. And the name of my father is Ted. And my sisters name is Simone. I’ve also 3 cats. The name’s of my cats are, Zazou, Simba and Minoes.
My hobby is gymnastics and I play piano, but not for a long time yet, because before that I played guitar. I’ve played guitar for 4 years. I play piano now for a half year. Gymnastics I do 10 years.
On Saturday I work in a supermarket. I work there not for a long time yet. I think a half year.
I have a lot of family in a other country. I have family in, Los Angeles, Cyprus, Vietnam and we have friends in Cran Canaria (Spain) and in Canada. The friends in Canada live in Lansdowne Ontario.
I like to travel. I have been in a lot of different country’s. Every summer I go on vacation. And sometimes in the winter I go skiïng. But I have never been to Canada!
I can be in every hause because i have no allergy for cats, dogs or other animals.
I love to come to Canada because i am curious about how people live there. It seems me nice at to look how the people of my age lesson have on school. And or it a bit the seem is like on our school. I heard of many people wo’ve bin in Canada how beautiful it is there. It seems me very nice to see the landscape and the nature in Canada. It seems me also very nice to be in a guestfamily. But it is ofcourse very exciting! It seems me very nice to bin in Canada.
But its well a very long trip. It is also very long to fly. And I am a little bit scared that I people don’t understand. Sometimes i find to talk english a bit difficult. But i know, this comes right. But that’s it worth. It seems me a very nice experience!
My forecast is personally that it ofcourse a super nice week comes. I think wenn I bin in Canada, my english come better and better. I hope a lot of beautifull and nice things to see. And ofcourse also that i a lot of nice and lovely people met!
See you soon!!:)
I looking forward to come to Canada!!
Greetings Iris! XXX♥

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