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Information from everyone of the Netherlands!

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I like singing (as I said I’m singing in an band, and I very very like it!), acting, dancing, having fun with friends, shopping (I like that very much to!), food (you’re warned; I eat much...) and music! Some bands I like very very much: 30 Seconds To Mars, KoRn, Metallica, Slayer, Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party enz. But it isn’t only that kind of music; I like trance, Rap-R&B, Underground and Pop-music very mutch to. 
I’m very sportsmanlike, I love to play korfball and tennis and I like very much other sports.
Also I like music, I play keyboard.
I play with korfball in the C1, the C1 is a very nice team. I play three times a week korfball. At Saturday I play a match.
I love travel. I have never been in such a country as Canada and Canada seems very nice to me!
I find it very nice with my friends and we have it everytime very good together!
My hobbies are Tennis. I do that one time at a week. I love to go on the computer, then I go on msn maybe you know what that is. You can talk with you’re friends and you can see them with a webcam. In the weekend I love to go to the city with my friends: then we go shopping. In the evening of the weekend I’m going to baby-sit. I love to listen music. I like nearly all the music.   
My hobby’s are playing soccer, skating and on school I’m playing table tennis a lot with my friends. I play by Football Club Hooglanderveen in the c1, and I’m the goalkeeper. In our town we have a brand new skating course especially for some stunts. And I go almost every day to skate there with my friends.
I always have a very busy scedule during the week.
I have swimmingpractice two times a week, I’m training for competitions. Next year I will be ready to compete.                                               
I’m also very busy in a band, I’m the singer. For that I have also singinglessons.
Music plays an important role in my life. I couldn’t live whitout it for a day
I can always put my emotions into music.
Same goes for my other hobby; acting. Acting is for me a way to be someone else for a change.
My hobby’s are playing computer games like maple story, squash, star wars and fishing. I go squashing every week whit my dad, this we do on every Saturday for 1 hour.
My hobby’s are: Tennis, (street) Dance and play on the nintendo Wii. I also like shopping with my friends. I do all of this many times!
My hobby’s are playing guitar, listening to music and hang out with friends.
I have 1 sport and that’s badminton. I like it very much and I do it two times a week.
My Hobbies are: Sport Gymnastics, chat on the pc, Hyves on the pc (Do you no what’s hyves?), after school go to the city with friends, make photograph’s and make fun with friends.
One of my favourite lessons on school is gymnastics. I like to do that with my whole class.
With gymnastics I like to do field-hockey. it’s my favourite sport, next to tennis.
I’m sitting in the C1 of field-hockey. I am looking forward every week to my hockey-training and Match. But I am open to other sports. I play also tennis with my brother Ben. I hope to do there also some tennis (or other sports) with a Canadian student.
I am also sailing. My father is also a very good sailor.
My hobbies are horse riding, be together with friends and doing games on the computer. I also like to write a story and make photos. Sometimes I manipulate photos on the computer.
My hobby is gymnastics and I play piano, but not for a long time yet, because before that I played guitar.  I’ve played guitar for 4 years. I play piano now for a half year. Gymnastics I do 10 years.
On Saturday I work in a supermarket. I work there not for a long time yet. I think a half year.
 I like to travel. I have been in a lot of different country’s. Every summer I go on vacation. And sometimes in the winter I go skiïng. But I have never been to Canada!
My hobby’s are drumming, playing on the computer and making other kinds of music. I also have a little brother. He plays also the guitar. So sometimes we play together!
My hobby is to play tennis. When I’m at home usually I watch the TV or I go out with some friends. I like this very much!
My hobby is playing football. I play football by Sparta Nijkerk. I do this very much times!
My favourite Dutch football club is Ajax Amsterdam.
My hobby’s are, listening to music, playing games, hang out with my friends and scouting. My favourite music is hardcore. I listen mostly to Angerfist.
My favourite sport is kickboxing. I like to watch kickboxing on TV.


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