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 Hi dear friens of Canada!




 I'm Elselotte and I’m 14 years old; my birthdate is 20 October 1993.


 I can tell you something about my family: Janneke is my mother, Hans my dad, and then I have one sister called Rozemarijn, she is nineteen years old. I have an brother to; Olivier. He is seventeen years old! But that isn’t the whole family; we have an dog to. Joris (the name of our Labrador Retriever) is 4 years old, and he likes breaking all kinds of stuff; slippers,pillows, mobiles enz....


 Enough about my family, right now i tell you about my hobbies. I like singing (as I said I’m singing in an band. It's so much fun practicing our numbers the boys of my band. We have our own number and I write the lyrics. Sometimes we have an performance and I very very like that!), acting, dancing (I dance on a dance school called "Badabounce"), having fun with friends, shopping (I like that very much to!), food (you’re warned; I eat much...), party's and music! Some bands i like very very much: 30 Seconds To Mars, KoRn, Metallica, Slayer, Kaiser Chiefs, Artic Monkeys, Bloc Party enz. But it isn’t only that kind of music; I like trance, dance,Rap-R&B, Underground and Pop-music very mutch to.  


 I have no diet or allergy. I'm very happy that I go to Canada and I'm curious because I don't know at wich family I stay. But the fact that could find it with nearly all the people is comforting me ;). I think Canada is a beautiful country. And I heard that the nature is gorgeous and beautiful!  Someone said to me that there are in Canada big shopping centres, so that is great to! :P I have never fly with an airplane before, so that is gonna be a littlebit scary.  But exepting that, I think that the're only  good things about the trip to your country! And, flying isn't so scary, right? I hope that my english is good enough that you can understand me when I'm at you're country, but I think that it is going well!

I like meeting other peoples so that is an good thing to.  A couple of things that I hope to do in Canada: Like I said before, I  would see you're shoppingmalls, and I like having lessions with you! I am afraid that the math is in you're country worser than in our country and i'm horrable bad in math:P  But I like the langues and music lession. I hope that we have in Canada an party or maybe two;) I like party's very well and I think that it is great to party with all of you!:D Except the things I said I have not so much wishes, I let it come over me when I'm with you all! I know now that I like all the things that we're gonna do, so you know that I'm very enthousiastic!


And when I came back from Canada, a day later I go to Turkey so that are beautiful, but busy weaks for me;).




Okeay, that's all for now! You must know that I'm soooo exieted to meet you all and to meet the family where I stay my time in Canada!




Bye, XXX Elselotte! (Most people call me Lot;))  








My task with the project 'Bridging over the Ocean' was made this Wiki!
I have made this Wiki with Danique!
I hope you find this Wiki nice!! 



































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