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Hi, I'm Danique


I am thirteen years old and I live in Nijkerk.
I’m very sportsmanlike, I love to play korfball and tennis and I like very much other sports.
Also I like music, I play keyboard.
I play with korfball in the C1, the C1 is a very nice team. I play three times a week korfball. At Saturday I play a match.
I love travel. I have never been in such a country as Canada and Canada seems very nice to me!
Canada seems very nice to me because I think the nature is beautiful!
Canada is not so densely populated as the Netherlands, and it is a big country.
I find it very nice with my friends and we have it everytime very good together! 
I go to the Corlaer College in Nijkerk. The Corlaer College is a very nice school. We do very much activities and we have also sometimes a party!
I can stay with every family. I don’t have an allergy or a diet.
I am very curious to the family I have to stay during my visit in Canada.
I am a little nervous because you have no idea what kind of family you have to stay.
I hope we like each other and we have a pleasant time together!
I hope we do very much nice activities and that we have a nice time at school, I hope I can speak better the English language when I go home!
I hope we have a very good time together!!
Bye, Greets Danique. 
My task with the project 'Bridging over the Ocean' was made this Wiki!
I have made this Wiki with Elselotte!
I hope you find this Wiki nice!!

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