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         I am Arianne. I’m fourteen years old and a girl

I live on a sort farm, with a dog, three horses and many sheep’s.

I’m growing up with al this sort animals, I don’t how it is without.

My hobbies are horse riding, be together with friends and doing games on the computer. I also like to write a story and make photos. Sometimes I manipulate photos on the computer. I live together with my mom, dad and brother. I have also two half-sisters, both have a child of 2 years old. My favourite meal is chips or a pizza, both meals I like. I dinks a lot, but eat not much. I can’t believe that I go to Canada, but I’m of course very happy.

         What I like of Canada? I like to see how you live. And how your country looks. Also I think that the teamwork between Canada and the Netherlands will be nice. I hope that it a nice week become.

         The only things where I’m not sure about are: the people where I go to sleep and eat and speaking English. Speak English because I don’t know how to say something. I hope you understand that…

         What I really want to do in Canada is hockey. I think that I not will be good in that sport, but it like me nice to do a popular sport in you country. Maybe you can teach me it? I hope so…

Greets Arianne


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